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Neuropsychopharmacology: Multidisciplinary Training

PI - Dr. Marisa Roberto

Co-I's - Dr. Michael Taffe and Dr. Eric Zorrilla

The purpose of this Program is to train promising scientists at the postdoctoral level in the multidisciplinary strategies of molecular, cellular, behavioral, and clinical neuropsychopharmacology.


Emphasis is placed on gaining the expertise necessary for the investigation of the neuropsychopharmacology of alcoholism through study in fields such as genetics, molecular biology, immunocytochemistry, electrophysiologic analysis, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, behavioral pharmacology, cognitive and motivational testing applied to animal and human subjects, and clinical studies.


A key element of our training goals is to develop skills in the trainees that will support a rapid and successful transition to independent careers in researching the neurobiology of alcoholism and addiction.


These skills include the critical selection of relevant research questions, experimental design, data recording and validation, data interpretation, effective scientific communication through manuscript and grant preparation, creative research expression through oral communication, and a knowledge of and respect for the responsible conduct of research.

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