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Neurobiology of Addiction Course 2020

Course overview (Dr. Mason & Dr. Zorrilla

What is addiction? (Dr. Koob)

Animal models (Dr. Roberts)

Neuroanatomy/neurocircuits (Dr. George)

Synaptic mechanisms of addiction (Dr. Kirson & Dr. Roberto)

Neuropharmacology and molecular targets of drugs of abuse (Dr. Contet)

Epigenetics (Dr. Miller)

Alcohol (Dr. Koob)

Nicotine/tobacco (Dr. Cruz & Dr. Roberto)

Cannabinoids/synthetic drugs (Dr. Nguyen)

Pain and Anaesthetics (Dr. Hansen)

Opioids (Dr. Contet)

Food (Dr. Zorrilla)

Neurobiology of relapse / reinstatement (Dr. Martin-Fardon)

Medications development (Dr. Mason)

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