Overall Aim: provide clinical validation of TSRI-ARC targets and animal models, and clinical evidence of a drug’s therapeutic potential for AUD.


Overall Aim: To test the hypotheses that alterations in MT composition and/or dynamics contribute to the neuronal and behavioral changes induced by CIE, and that stimulating MT dynamics will accelerate the reversal of these changes during protracted abstinence.


Overall Aim: To determine whether there is a functional interaction between CRF and Hcrt in the IL and whether it plays a role in stress-induced ethanol seeking behavior during acute, late or protracted abstinence following ethanol dependence.


Overall Aim: To determine the role of upstream IL and AI inputs to the CeA and the identity of downstream ensembles and projections controlled by the CeA in negative affective symptoms and compulsive drinking.


Overall Aim: To test the hypothesis that 5-HT contributes to the recruitment of CRF-CRF1 signaling in the CeA and IL to disrupt cortico­-amygdala connectivity and contribute to negative affect during ethanol abstinence.