Cesar Andres Contreras

My name is Cesar Andres Contreras, I am currently an incoming Senior at Eastlake High School, originally from San Diego, California and raised in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.


My involvement in Neuroscience goes further than an interest, it is a passion. Every time I learn something new about our fascinating human brain and nervous system, my curiosity explodes with captivation, which spurs me to constantly study and learn more about this topic. As a result of my passion for this field of science and medicine, I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Neuroscience to then apply to medical school to become a neurosurgeon.


I am currently working in the Contet Lab. My project consists of analyzing microscope images and counting neurons in the parasubthalamic region of the hypothalamus that are labeled with different fluorescent markers. The goal is to determine which of two strategies (Cre/lox system vs. Crh promoter elements) is better at selectively targeting the CRF neurons in this specific region of interest. The results of my work will help design experiments to test the hypothesis that parasubthalamic CRF neurons contribute to alcohol dependence.


At first, I felt ambiguous when Dr. Candice Contet and my mentor Dr. Giovana de Macedo presented this project to me, as I was not able to understand much of what they were explaining. However, I did my research on the basic concepts and techniques of the project; Drs. Contet and de Macedo were of great support to me. This captivated my attention to select the project.

I am incredibly gratified and honored with the opportunity that Scripps has given me as well as with the confidence that Drs. Contet and de Macedo have instilled into me.