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The TSRI-ARC comprises five Research Components and three Cores that include an Administrative Core, an Animal Models Core, and an Information Dissemination Core. The infrastructure of TSRI-ARC serves four basic needs: innovative science, core needs, introduction of new investigators, and education.


  • High-quality innovative science are served by the five Research Components with a common conceptual thread to move the field forward. Both animal and clinical studies are focused on the neuroadaptive changes associated with the vulnerability to relapse caused by the transition from acute alcohol withdrawal to protracted abstinence.

  • Two Cores serve to provide common needs to the TSRI-ARC and the Center at Large. The Administrative Core coordinates progress, resource allocation, collaboration, and communication. The Animal Models Core provides dependence induction, blood alcohol levels, vaginal smears, and continued validation of animal models for studying the neuropharmacological targets for the human laboratory studies.

  • New investigators and novel approaches are brought to the TSRI-ARC and Center at Large by implementing recruitment of young (early to mid-career) faculty to the Center through core resource sharing as well as scientific seminars and collaborations.

  • The TSRI-ARC reaches out to the community with a newly formulated Information Dissemination Core where the basic findings from our research program and the alcohol community as a whole are translated to medical treatment professionals and the general public in the San Diego community.


Administrative Core

The Administrative Core strives to provide leadership, facilitate resource sharing and collaborations, attract new investigators, and disseminate TSRI-ARC research findings.


Information Dissemination Core

The Information Dissemination Core aims to disseminate research findings made by TSRI-ARC labs to the public through educational and outreach efforts, that target NIAAA-identified “Special Populations.”


Animal Models Core

The Animal Models/Biological Measures Core facilitates TSRI-ARC and Center-At-Large research by providing standard operating procedures, developing and refining animal models of AUD, and providing preclinical and standardized biochemical testing.

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